For me, the true freedom of creativity, the quintessence of art in its purest form


   But during more than a century of the history of abstract art

all major areas of it seems have been already identified.

So many contemporary abstract artists involuntarily

lose their individuality by copying in their artworks the manner of earlier

and well-known predecessors, thereby becoming stylistically like them ...

   As an artist of late 20th, early 21st century, I absorbed a wealth of previous experience

in fine arts and philosophies, including post-modernism.

Conception of my creativity is not a pure stream corresponds to some abstract art,

but vice versa weaving together various stylistic trends of an abstraction.

I call my personal style “Abstract Eclecticism”.

   The saturation of the picture surface most varied artistic methods, painting techniques

and textures combined with an expressive, dynamic compositional structure allows me

to create a special, unique multi-dimensional world, to see, to learn and to know that

you can as a whole in the distance, and peering into every inch of the image...


Dimitri Strelkov 2013