IMSOMNIA   oil on canvas 100120 2016

BREATH OF SPRING oil on canvas 100120 2017

HARMONY OF CHAOS oil on canvas 100120 2016

MOONLIGHT SERENADE  oil on canvas 75140 2016

MIDDLE AGE CRISIS  oil on canvas 100100 2016

SINGULARITY  oil on canvas 100120 2017

SYMPHONY OF PEARL oil on canvas 75140 2016


RESONANCE  oil on canvas 100120 2017

BLUEPHONY  oil on canvas 120120cm 2015

HYPERBOREA oil on canvas160160cm 2015

BIRTH OF SUPERNOVA oil on canvas100100cm 2014

KRESHENDO oil on canvas 100120 2016

MUSOCASFERR oil on canvas 100100 2016

ENIGMA  oil on canvas 100120 2016

VIBRANTE  oil on canvas 80100cm 2016

WOW HOUSE oil on canvas 100100cm 2014

PITSTOP oil on canvas 110140cm 2013

CHROMOPHONIA oil on canvas 120120cm 2015

SOLID ARGUMENTS  oil on canvas 10080cm 2016

WINDOWS XXX oil on canvas 100100cm 2012

BAD CONNECTION oil on canvas 100120cm 2012

ARCADIA oil on canvas 8080cm 2016

ACCESS POINToil on canvas 100120cm 2013

FLAMENCO  oil on canvas 80100cm 2016

HIGHWAY STAR oil on canvas 100100cm 2014

ALLEGRO oil on canvas 80100cm 2016

MARSEILLAISE oil on canvas160160cm 2014

THREE WISHES oil on canvas 100100cm 2012

BEGINNING of the BEGINNINGS oil on canvas 100100cm

MECHANISM OF PERCEPTION oil on canvas 100100cm 2012

ABSTRACLECTISM  oil on canvas 120100cm 2013

PRIMAVERA  oil on canvas 10080cm 2016

WINTER TIME oil on canvas 100120cm 2013

AUTUMN MARATHON  oil on canvas 120120cm 2015

NIRVANA  oil on canvas 100120cm 2013